The wave of the future is sustainable energy efficiency and conservation. Facility management engineers and executives are seeking the most effective ways to implement sustainable practices, which save money, reduce the carbon footprint of commercial entities, and address the needs of today without compromising the energy needs of tomorrow. But sustainable practices only work if they are continually managed and adjusted.

That’s where QAS comes in.

The ARRA of 2009 (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) allocated billions to the efforts of creating sustainable practices in existing buildings at all levels of government. These entities are realizing that it is they who must set the example for the public. In fact, some governments are beginning to set standards and goals for themselves as well as non-government buildings that fall within in their jurisdiction.

For the federal government alone, energy and fuel consumption costs exceed $24 billion annually. As the single largest consumer of energy, the federal government has a huge incentive to adapt sustainable practices. State and local governments do too. In addition to lowering their energy costs – as well as their carbon footprints – governments also need to set an example for the rest of us.

  • IntelliFaceTM is an advanced diagnostic and monitoring system that gathers the data from all the building’s energy sources then analyzes it and delivers insight on how to proactively respond to and plan energy and resource usage
  • The customized Executive Dashboard allows your staff to monitor all the utilities, view the baselines, the usage per occupant and per square foot, view an historical analysis and track your energy savings. Compare and monitor multiple buildings to facilitate energy reduction strategies and the reporting of critical issues.
  • The Energy Modules take live data and display in real-time against historical data and convert this data into graphs for analysis. A Systems Animations module provides 3D live data and simulated animations of energy and resource systems in use. The Virtual Tour showcases areas of your site with up to 20 virtual tour stops. These are just some examples of customization.
  • The GreenTouchscreenTM is designed to actively engage your occupants and provide them with a clear, engaging visual tool that is informative and motivating. They learn about the energy usage of the building and how changing their behavior reduces the carbon footprint of the facility. It also demonstrates how you are actively involved in sustainability efforts and your progress towards those goals – all using live data. The features on the screen can be customized to reflect the needs and goals of your facility.

Sustainability is not a destination, but rather an on-going process and encompasses every aspect of facility management. In increasing numbers, government entities are grasping these principles and making sustainability practices a priority. From installing more efficient lighting to automated control systems for heating and cooling, the goal is to cut costs and go green. Using a system such as IntelliFaceTM can make a significant difference in their current efforts.

Since 2003, QAS has been dedicated to helping customers share their sustainability story while significantly reducing building energy and resource costs, consumption rates and carbon emissions. Know the health of your facility in seconds. Measure and verify. Make positive change. Intelligent buildings are the wave of the future. QAS provides the comprehensive solution using next-generation technology. The end result, no matter the size or your operation, means saving you money!

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