About us

Our Approach

QAS, (Quality Attributes Software), a facility data management company specializing in energy management and sustainability, is dedicated to helping our customer’s significantly reduce building energy costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions. QAS delivers products and services that empower building stakeholders to take an active part in both creating and maintaining sustainable buildings.

Founded in 2003, QAS operates internationally and is headquartered in Bayville, New Jersey.

Since our founding, QAS has been dedicated to helping customers significantly reduce building energy and resource costs, consumption rates and carbon emissions, as well as sharing their sustainability story. Introduced in 2012,  IntelliFaceTM, a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, provides customers with real time insight into their energy and resource usage at the individual building, campus, or enterprise level. IntelliFaceTM is the only end-to-end data collection solution that has the ability to collect, manage and analyze facility data from any source and present it in a comprehensive visual display that is unique to the needs of each customer.  Today, our products are successfully operating at leading educational, commercial and government institutions worldwide, realizing savings up to 30% annually.